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With experienced specialists and our large international network of contacts, we can solve any legal problem.

Today's business lawyer is an advisor who is expected to provide comprehensive solutions to problems.

This requires appropriate structures and human resources, i.e. experienced specialists in the various fields as well as international know-how and "manpower" when it comes to cross-border questions and solutions.

In the SME sector, law firms with an appropriate network of contacts often replace an in-house legal service at low cost.

  • providing advice on all matters pertaining to corporate law such as corporate start-ups, increases and reductions in capital, restructurings and mergers
  • providing advice in the area of corporate governance, drafting mandate- and shareholder agreements, corporate contracts, joint venture- and cooperation agreements
  • executing liquidations and trustee mandates
  • ensuring speedy, non-bureaucratic authentications and certifications by our public notaries at both national and international levels
  • running the secretariats of boards and associations
  • performing corporate-housekeeping functions
  • negotiating and arranging contracts of all kinds, notably all contracts under the Swiss Code of Obligations, innominate contracts (e.g. leasing, management, service and outsourcing contracts)
  • setting up international-commission, agency, franchise and marketing structures
  • carrying out complicated corporate mergers, takeovers and sales, outsourcing projects, split-offs, split-ups and management buyouts as well as managing integration and reorganisation following such transactions
  • accompanying and assisting sellers or buyers throughout the sales process, notably setting up data rooms and drawing up sales documentation, ensuring legal due diligence, heading negotiations, obtaining permits required by supervisory legislation, completing and executing such necessary legal documents as letters of intent, escrow contracts, financing and transactional contracts
  • providing advice in all areas of labour and employment law
  • drawing up general terms and conditions of employment as well as employment and consultancy contracts
  • providing support in all areas of social security law and occupational benefit plans
  • structuring and implementing employee participation and option plans
  • planning and executing international assignments of employees
  • obtaining residence and work permits
  • advising on resignations and mass dismissals
  • providing trial representation and mediation in disputes under labour law
  • structuring licensing, maintenance, software-development, helpdesk and service-level agreements
  • providing legal backup in connection with IT projects and reorganisations, including IT outsourcing
  • registering and licensing trademarks in Switzerland and abroad
  • protecting and defending intangible asset rights
  • looking after matters pertaining to copyright and company and domain names and conducting any necessary litigation
  • providing advice and representation in matters pertaining to the law of fair competition and in advance-clarification and investigative proceedings carried out by Switzerland’s competition authorities
  • setting up marriage and inheritance contracts and also wills
  • executing wills
  • providing innovative solutions in the areas of estate planning and business succession, notably for family businesses and for small and middle sized entities (SME)
  • providing representation in all commercial and civil trials before cantonal courts or higher judicial authorities such as the Swiss Federal Appeal Court
  • providing advice and representation in Swiss and international courts of arbitration and alternative proceedings for the settlement of disputes in distraint, enforcement, estate, and bankruptcy proceedings, in proceedings for the grant of interim legal protection (precautionary measures), in judicial and non-judicial administrative proceedings before cantonal and federal authorities
  • providing advice in connection with restructurings and privatisations, notably in the areas of the energy market, public transport and health
  • providing advice and representation in all questions of constitutional and administrative law, notably building, urban planning and environmental law, submission law, and new forms of cooperation between legal entities under private and public law
  • Beratung und Unterstützung in der Implementierung von nationalen und internationalen Unternehmensstrukturen
  • Planung von Prinzipalstrukturen, gemischten Gesellschaften sowie Holdinggesellschaften
  • Beratung und Unterstützung bei der Ansiedelung von Unternehmen in der Schweiz sowie der Gründung von Niederlassungen im Ausland
  • Umsatzabgaben
  • Beratung von Privatpersonen im nationalen und internationalen Steuerrecht (einschliesslich Erbschaftssteuerrecht)
  • Beratung und Unterstützung bei der Konzipierung und Implementierung von konzerninternen Transfer Pricing Konzepten
  • Vertretung vor Verwaltungs- und Gerichtsbehörden in Steuerangelegenheiten